What's A Chickens Favourite Treat

Here at CGHQ (ChickenGuard’s offices!) we’re constantly listening to our chicken owners’ views (and their chickens!). Our latest promotion has given us some hentriguing insights into the treats chicken owners like to give their girls. As a chicken owner you’ll probably recognise a few of these. But you might get a few surprises, a few laughs, even a few ideas!

We ran a competition asking you what treat makes your flock get into a lava, dashing round the run and clucking as if their lives depended on it. You responded as chicken owners do – with enthusiasm and bucket loads of ideas. True and open.

We compiled all the answers – some folks hens seem to be getting quite a few treats, so we have counted any treat mentioned. And put it together to give you a taste of the results!

So here are the egg citing, tasty bits:Chickens favourite treat by some way is meal worms. Yes those lovely wiggly, wriggly little bugs. Chickens are real suckers for them. If you want to get your flock back in the run or into the coop in the evening those delicious wee creepies can help.

Almost 30% of chicken owners said that meal worms were a favourite treat. That’s highly specific and way more than  the next in line, fruit at 22%.

Curiously Spaghetti features here too. Yes that Italian staple is loved by quite a few chickens, and they aren’t all Italian! But as Holly B suggests: “Mine love noodles lol – I guess they think they are worms”

There is plenty of variety in the treats chickens are given and enjoy. Some tasty snacks, including quite a few that you might like yourself! Like melon, and in particular watermelon, corn on the cob and strawberries – seem to get those girls running to you with abandon.

We’ve combined all the fruits into one category in our figures and that amounts to over 20%. Within that there are a few that stand out:
* Watermelon, especially to cool your chooks down
* Grapes and strawberries are loved by many of you and your chickens.

* Apples, peaches and bananas are also liked.
* Blueberries too. (With Lisa T extending it to “Blueberry pancakes and sweet corn!”)

Then there are a good few treats besides that you might like to try:
* Bugs, worms and crickets, amongst a few other wrigglers
* Seeds (especially sun flower seeds) and nuts too
* And then mice and even eats rats!
* And staying with the healthy treats (!), vegetables especially cabbage, are over 11% with corn on the cob very popular too

Then there are the more exotic treats. The foods you give that are maybe a little over the top! A little too human.

And popcorn is surprisingly common. In fact Ali B’s girls enjoy nothing better than “Popcorn and a good movie”.

And finally here are some of our favourite comments from you about chicken treats.

Some Chicken Treats you Might Like to Try, as suggested by our Facebook chicken owners:

Stephanie L suggests: My girls love cheese savoury biscuits (this was by accident after my brother dropped some) oh and egg fried rice ?

Sue L said: Our little miss loves Quavers (but hates wotsits!)

Lisa T: Blueberry pancakes and sweet corn!

Leila B goes all the way with the treats: Vegetable Ice Lollies : )

Katherine E:  Popcorn!   – there’s an image of a chicken in front of tv

Nicole S is getting a bit carried away: Naughty I know chocolate cake

Holly B recommends: Mine love noodles lol I guess they think they are worms

Some even love a Barbecue!
Susan E: Babette, Aunt Fanny, and Jezebel gather round the table outside whenever we have a barbecue. They especially love any left over salmon or fish and pick the grill clean of stuck food after it cools.

Emma V suggests:  Tomato soup and fish ??.   

Dan H: Mice…holy cow she swallows them whole…

Brandi H has a slightly different suggestion:  Cherrios

April M:  Our chickens fave treats are dead flies… We sit on the porch with fly swatter and when we kill one we tap next to it and they peck em up quickly!! Lol not joking!

Alison C combines treats and games:  grape bowling – throw grapes down the garden path and watch the chickens chase them

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