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The new All-in-One ChickenGuard. Simply pop in the batteries, screw the unit to the front of your coop and your girls will be safely kept inside when the sun goes down, and let out when it rises, No strings – no worries!

Color: Grey

It's All In The Detail

Every little detail has been thought of, from the ability to remove the contral panel to the uber-durable alumininum anti-scratch door threshold. This All In One was build to last.


Auto Stop

Built in auto-stop feature prevents chickens being trapped in the door


Dual Safety

allows you set an open and close time OR at daybreak and dusk (whichever is first)



Extreme Weather Resistant (Works at -4°F to +140°F)


Extension Kit

Fit your ChickenGuard control panel anywhere you like - no more crouching down to change settings! (sold separately)

Every ChickenGuard Automatic Coop Door Opener comes with a 3 year warranty as standard with our support team on hand for any niggles or questions you may have. 

Unique Features

Easy Setup 1-2-3

Insert Batteries
Screw To Coop
Auto-Calibrate Door
Insert Batteries
Screw To Coop
Auto-Calibrate Door

Unique Features That Set Us Apart


The extension Kit allows you to customize your setup

Fit your ChickenGuard control panel anywhere you like with the easy extension kit – no more crouching down to change settings!

We supply a 2m X wire in the box which is recommended for outdoor setups


Built in auto-stop feature prevents chickens being trapped in the door

Our clever sensor allows chickens to enter and exit the coop without the risk of getting stuck.


Aluminium anti-scratch door

Stops your flock accidentally damaging and wearing down the door over time. 

But Wait, There's More!

Choose your power source*

Works at -4°F to +140°F

Choose your power source*

Opens at dawn, closes at dusk

Works at -4°F to +140°F

Helps You &Protects Your Flock

Keeping  Chickens is not simple, especially with predators ready are to pounce. We believe our ChickenGuard’s not only improve the safety of your girls but also make your life that little bit easier!

Predators be gone

Mr Fox will have to go elsewhere as your coop door will be kept firmly shut overnight!

More snoozes - less stress

Set the timer or use light sensor to auto open and shut - meaning more sleep for you.

Reliable against elements

One of the most reliable chicken coop door openers on the market

Compare Our Range...

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3 Year Warranty
Programmable Timer
4 Open/Close Options
Light Sensor / DualSafe
Lifts 2KG / 4lbs
Self Locking Door
Auto Stop
Extension Kit/Winter Mode


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Sharon Lee
This auto door is amazing!

Don't waste your time or money on other automatic chicken doors. This one is easy to install, easy to setup, easy to adjust the time as needed, no snagging of the door, and it's locked in place when it closes. We bought 2 other auto doors a couple years back (not sure this door was even available at the time) and trust me, they are awful compared to the Chickenguard. Please take this chicken Mama's word for it, order from Chickenguard, you will be so happy with the auto door. We plan to replace the other automatic doors with 2 more Chickenguard doors ASAP!

Angela Phelps
Had some trouble at first, but overall great door

I purchased a ChickenGuard on Amazon twice first, and both doors came in with issues where they would not fully open. I was instructed to purchase direct from the ChickenGuard website, so I did, and received a functioning door. At first, the door was programmed to open at night and close in the morning for some reason- backwards! But once I figured that out and reprogrammed it, it's been working well every day as of 5 months later. It's been great, no issues! Definitely recommend skipping the Amazon stock for this product.

Trina Braun
Very nice pop door

Overall I am very happy with the door. I had originally hoped to use the SENSOR option but have not been able to. It is important to note that if the door will be installed into a covered run, the SENSOR option WILL NOT work. I have since, used the timer option and the door has worked very well.

Really like it!

I live in south central AK, it will get down to -30°F in the winter and the door still works! I'm happy so far with my purchase.

Jackie Hughes

We have not had a single problem with this chicken door. We had bought ANOTHER brand door and had problems with it every single day. After about a month, we bought your Chicken Guard door and it consistently works. I have peace of mind and never have to think about the chickens. I should have bought the Chicken Guard door in the first place.

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